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Bringing perks, exclusivity and the future to regular Bedroom enjoyers.
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What do you get with Room Devils

Free Entry

You heard it right! You are getting in Bedroom Premium and Bedroom Beach for free for 1 year.

Premium Mistery Boxes

Every Friday winners are chosen to win premium bottles and experiences.

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We are currently building out our DAPP Dashboard to give you access to even more perks, private community and marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Purchase An NFT?

If you are a NFT pro, you connect your wallet, make sure you have enough ETH and mint the NFT. If you are new to this we have also added to option to quickly and easy purchase the NFT with a debit or a credit card.

Is There an age requirement to be a NFT Holder?

Though there are no age restricts, members must be 18 or older to take advantage of the benefits.

How can I use the NFT?

After you have purchased an NFT from the collection a new part of the website will reveal itself, where you will be asked to enter some information so we can get in touch with you and make you feel at home.

Why do I need this NFT?

This NFT or Membership Pass, call it whatever you want, unlocks many posibilities for you and your friends. It offers premium events, perks, prizes and much more to come. The NFT is a one time purchase which makes sure you feel Premium in the most Premium Night Club.

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